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Your costs matter.

Managing your costs is one of the biggest determinants of growing your wealth.

Contact us today to learn about the varying cost-structures available to you, and what would make the most sense for your unique financial situation. You should know how they are calculated, where they are displayed, and what you get in return for the costs you pay.

Typical cost structure

Household Portfolio Assets


Up to $1M


$1M - $2.5M


$2.5M - $5M


$5M +


Third-Party Management
In areas outside of investment expertise (such as real estate, infrastructure, private equity, etc), and where deemed appropriate for your portfolio, Management Expense Ratios (MER) may also apply to any third-party management selections. These are discussed in detail and made clear in advance.

Any proposed MER's for third-party management are in addition to the costs described above.

  • Household Portfolio Assets encompass the cumulative investment assets managed here for your household.

    • Although our financial planning expertise can assist you with planning for pensions, rental properties, and more, only the investments assets held here form the basis for the calculation of costs.​

  • Costs are calculated on a cascading basis, meaning the 1st $1M is charged a rate of 1.35% and the next dollar managed (up to $2.5M) is charged a rate of 0.9%.

  • Costs are calculated and charged at the end of each month and are based on the monthly average market value of each account. They are annualized and then divided by 12.

  • Costs are withdrawn from each account at the end of each month (+HST) and are presented as transactions that you can view on the client portal. Annual cost-statements are also provided at year-end.

  • Account trustee fees are charged to accounts in households that hold net cumulative household portfolio assets under $1M, and can range from $50-$200 per year. These potential costs are charged quarterly (+HST).

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