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Many aspects of your financial situation depend upon and affect each other, all working together to help create a strong financial outlook

"Adam has worked with us to identify our financial goals and we are working to make them happen. We meet regularly to make sure we’re on track and he keeps on top of things for us by being pro-active."

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Personalized Planning

 You can always alter and adapt your plan, provided you have one.

Planning is the difference between being reactive and proactive.  Every client is unique and distinct and as such, every client has varying challenges, barriers and available opportunities.


A comprehensive financial plan aims to give you peace of mind by showing you the path of least resistance.

Your plan will change over time, and your path will change as well; however, having an understanding of this fluidity allows you to restructure your plan to account for these inevitable changes.

The financial planning process provides you with the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to your plan, to streamline your plan for tax efficiency, and to continue to move forward towards whatever you deem to be most important to your overall financial well-being. 


Investment Management

Rule Number 1: Never lose money

Rule Number 2: Never forget rule number 1

We want to ensure that the investment assets you own are greater than the sum of their parts.

Owning quality assets means owning businesses with a market position which makes it difficult to compete with, a business model that allows it to fund its expenses and its growth, adaptable corporate governance with low turnover, irrefutable growth of revenue and earnings, and all at an attractive valuation.

Paying less for a productive asset is seen as a distinct advantage for those able to tolerate some illiquidity.  Where applicable, complementing your public equity with some private equity can offer a distinct advantage with respect to yield and non-correlation, further boosting your overall portfolio returns. 

This strategy is successfully used by pension funds and the ultra-high-net-worth .


Risk Mangement

Protect what's important.

Your biggest asset: you.


When it comes to protecting an asset, insurance is the most cost-effective way of managing the financial risks.

When you buy insurance, you transfer the financial implications of a "worst case scenario" to an insurance company in exchange for a fee.

You can save on insurance costs if you plan to self-fund the financial risks associated with insurance protection.

Insurance can also be used as a tool within a greater strategy to shield or defer taxes or to maximize a charitable donation where appropriate.


Tax Planning

Keep more of your money.

There are a number of intricate ways to minimize taxes and each method may be unique to the individual or business utilizing them.

We provide tax planning, tax management and tax preparation services with the objective of identifying opportunities you may be able to take advantage of so as to avoid any unnecessary costs.

Taxes can be minimized by participating in certain investments that postpone the amount of taxes payable.  


Taxes can also be minimized by investing in assets that have lower relative tax rates, by income splitting, and by changing the nature of the inflow of income or how a business or trust is structured.

In some cases, taxes can be postponed for one’s entire life and can even be shifted beyond one’s life and to those people in whose hands actual amounts payable may be negligible.


Costs Matter

Managing Costs.

Managing your cost is one of the biggest determinants of growing your wealth.

It cannot be overstated: your costs are the biggest drag on your bottom line.  

On the one-hand, you understand and recognize the need for personalized and experienced advice.​  On the other hand, you understand that any direct costs reduce your net worth proportionately.


Agreeing on a cost-structure that makes sense to your overall financial health is a necessary endeavour.

Services are performed on an agreed-upon and pre-determined cost basis, following an investment strategy that favours diversified growth and minimization of risk.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.


A coffee and a second opinion

Reach out to schedule a second opinion on your financial plan.

In 15 minutes, we can evaluate your situation, identify opportunities and areas of concern, and create an action plan for you and your family.

No cost and no commitment.